We offer R&D on embedded and distributed systems in the automotive, agricultural, industrial and consumer sectors.

Our services focus on increasing your competitive edge. What makes our services so effective is that you can simultaneously profit from our technical expertise, our renowned international network of experts in different fields and the best cost/quality ratio available. Additionally, we offer local interfaces directly in the USA, Europe and China connecting our global partners and optimizing communication and interaction.

We know
what we do

Our experience and expertise with embedded and distributed systems can bolster your company against any technical challenge. We are easier and faster at solving issues in diverse areas such as in-vehicle and industrial network protocols, software, firmware and hardware development for automotive, industrial and consumer applications.

As we make your projects reality, we offer not only technical expertise but we apply our skills in excellent project management, leadership, communication and teamwork. The combination of these proficient characteristics is what sets us apart in the market and is the reason for our distinguished results.


Our expertise, in conjunction with our International Network of strategic partners who are talented specialists in their own respective fields, provides you with access to the latest and most innovative trends in the development of embedded and distributed systems.

In order to optimize communication between our American and European clients, we offer open interaction with our partners in the U.S. and Germany. In this way, you can take advantage of our local interfaces. On the other hand, our Latin American customers can also benefit from accessing this international network of experts based in the most innovative countries on the world.

Optimal, quality
and cost balance

Your company can profit from our innovative thinking and optimal cost/quality ratio. This balance ensures a higher level of competition in the current global market.

In addition to offering innovation and higher quality at a lower cost, our local presence in the U.S., Germany and China are intended to improve this fundamental ratio by saving time and making the communication process easier. In other words, this direct contact eliminates cultural and linguistic barriers which improves efficiency and saves both time and resources when other firms tend to struggle with misunderstandings in multi-cultural environment.

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Transforming vision into reality – Making ideas happen

The era upon us is filled with problems and opportunities that require fresh innovation like never before. Being more efficient or cheaper is no longer enough to be competitive in a global marketplace. We need to conceive new ideas to address the problems and opportunities that surround us—and we need to defy the odds and make these ideas actually happen.

Belsky, Scott. Making Ideas Happen. Penguin UK.

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